Associazione Culturale Interzona

Sound, arts and technoculture in rural areas

Associazione Culturale Interzona

Associazione Culturale Interzona is dedicated to the revitalization of rural and marginalized territories through in-depth study, field research, and educational projects centred around sound, arts, and technocultures.

Founded in 2003 in San Martino Valle Caudina, a rural area situated on the border between Irpinia and Sannio, nestled downstream of the Partenio and Taburno mountain massifs.

Since its inception, starting with the international arts and new technologies festival Interferenze, Interzona has embarked on various experimental endeavours across different regions (including Irpinia, Fortore Beneventano, the Barsento-Trulli area in Puglia, as well as Molise, Cilento, and Sicily). These endeavours have taken the form of hybrid formats such as residencies, laboratories, workshops, and field study projects, all integrated into a research platform centred on the concept of (neo-) rurality. This platform adopts multidisciplinary and critical approaches inspired by New Media Studies and Cultural and Postcolonial Studies intersections.

I have had the privilege of working at Interzona for several years, overseeing its branding and digital presence.

Associazione Culturale Interzona
Associazione Culturale Interzona
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