Hi, MZZ here ✌️

My name is Giuliano Mozzillo (but everyone calls me MZZ), I’m a 23yo designer born in Benevento, Southern Italy. I’m finishing a Master of Arts in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano.

Graphic design is my main passion, but I love coding as well: I taught myself how to code at 13 and I developed a passion for digital design — or I guess more generally, just for making things — around the same time. I’m constantly looking for new suggestions and experimenting with circuits and computers.

In the last 5 years, I have also worked as a freelance web & graphic designer in various research projects aimed at developing sustainable cultural, social and economic networks with new-media related initiatives and experimental research protocols in some rural micro-regions of Southern Italy.

I love designing interfaces from paper to code, making complex problems simple and haking everyday patterns.  My aim is to create meaningful and meticulously-crafted works.

 I’m also a huge typefaces lover and an urban gardener wannabe.

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AREA_v4 comunicazione visiva
Web Developer
sept 2013 — sept 2014

Interferenze New Arts Festival
Freelance Graphic & Web Designer, Developer
jul 2013 — currently

Nice Studio
Freelance Web Developer
sept 2016 — dec 2016

Politecnico di Milano
Motion Graphic Designer Intern
aug 2017 — feb 2017

Digital Design Intern
jan 2019 — mar 2019

frog design
Interaction Design Intern
apr 2019 — mar 2020

Experience Designer I
apr 2020 — currently