OTROS SONIDOS OTROS PAISAJES is a journey built along unusual guidelines, in a sound deriving towards a geographic South crushed in a series of acoustic ‘routes’ that question the meaning of a linear story, interrogated through patches of listening that allow “to hear it” and capture its hidden sides. Through the perspective of sound art the sound, an element often subordinated to the visual sphere in speeches on art, emerges as a language and standalone device, which can question a set of approved paradigms, exceeding a purely musicological framing. Otros Sonidos, Otros Paisajes is a space in which the reflection on the theme of the ‘alterity’ of sound art in the Southern hemisphere intertwines with a series of evidences that involve Chilean landscapes, places and geographies from Atacama desert to Patagonia, from the suburbs of Santiago to the region of Bío, ending in the extreme south to Antarctica.