Do we still need Feminism?

Anyone has an opinion over what feminism is and and do anything using the name of it. This generates confusion and controversy. Today being a feminist is a choice, anyone can call themselves a feminist, and can do rallies or give opinions or demand in the name of feminism. But what is feminism? What is the debate growing around it?

Feminism saw its renaissance in 2012 with “Everyday Sexism Project” and the beginning of the online activism a prerogative of the Fourth Wave of Feminism, whose resonance grew thanks to the influence of many authoritative personalities. If the previous phases of this movement were oriented to the achievement of the fundamental rights, this wave is about changing behaviors, social constructs, the image of women and their role in the social transformation. This new phase of feminism splitted the public opinion raising a spontaneous question: Do we still need feminism? Is it a cry for attention or a demand for equality?

The spreadability of top-down informations and the possibility to easily share opinions online created a fertile ground for the aggregations of communities pro and against feminism. The clashing opinions over the movement fighting for equality originate from the blurred line between what is perceived as sexist and what it’s not. This project’s aim is to give an overview of the dynamics of the debate in a dual perspective: the spread of information in mainstream platforms and what’s underneath their surface, to bring to the attention the opinion of the small communities and their vision of female’s activism.